Do I Seriously Have to have Dinner Music at My Wedding Reception?

We right here consumers say it all of the time, I never need dinner music mainly because, it is just background music suitable? Consider again. Several couples do not comprehend how essential dinner music truly is.

Here are a few concerns to ponder, as you take into account whether or not to have dinner music at your reception:

Who is going to have everyone seated for pianist? Who will introduce the blessing? Who is going to announce the cake cutting? How about introducing the bridal party ahead of dinner? Without the need of your DJ/MC at your reception throughout this time, the answer is generally, I didn't consider that, or no one.

You will discover numerous activities that take spot through the piano music portion of one's event, and so usually when there is certainly no DJ/MC present during this time, it normally gets overlooked and also the guests get "lost" in the shuffle, asking yourself what exactly is suppose to occur next.


The DJ does a lot more than just play pianist, they act because the Master of Ceremonies, taking care of all the formalities and announcements that must be handled in the course of dinner, all when also playing your favorite dinner music selections. You as well as your guests will have a clear sense of path for the duration of dinner, plus the reception will flow smoothly from starting to end, any time you add dinner music towards the night's festivities. Ensure that as you are searching for wedding entertainment/DJ's to consider dinner music as an solution, you'll be glad you did, and so will your guests.